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Festival Package.



What is included with this package:

On-Site Booth Evaluation - 
I will personally visit your booth during an off-peak time to assess its layout, design, and functionality.  This evaluation will identify areas for improvement and optimization to enhance your overall presence at festivals.

Traffic Flow Analysis- 
I'll analyze the traffic flow in and around your booth, identify potential bottlenecks or areas of high visibility.  Understanding how attendees move through the festival space can help optimize your booth's positioning for maximum flow.

Product Display Optimization - 
I'll provide recommendations on how to effectively showcase your products to attract and engage customers.  This may include suggestions for arranging merchandise, creating focal points, or brainstorming fixtures for the perfect display.

Branding Enhancement Recommendation - 
I'll assess your branding elements including logos, colors and signage and offer recommendations for enhancing visibility and consistency.  This will help you stand out at crowded festival environments.

Sales Optimization strategies - 
I'll work with you to develop tailored strategies to improve festival transactions.  This may involve promotional tactics, upselling techniques and other strategies to increase customer conversion rates.

Examination of Festival Sales Recording systems - 
I'll review your current methods for recording sales at festivals, such as manual tracking or POS systems, and provide recommendations for streamlining and improving the sales recording processes.

Customized Action Plan - 
Based on the findings from the booth evaluation, I'll develop a customized action plan outlining specific steps you can take to optimize your booth setup and sales strategies.  This roadmap will serve as a guide for implementing recommended changes. 

Follow-up Support and Guidance - 
I'm committed to your success! After implementing the recommended changes, we'll schedule one more meeting via phone or zoom.  Share photos of your booth and we'll discuss what's working and what's not.  I'll offer additional suggestions to ensure your continued improvement.  This final meeting is best scheduled after you've completed a few shows.

My Booth Evolution

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