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Next Step Package.

Price determined after consultation

What is included with this package:

Personalized eCommerce Development -  Create a custom website tailored to your brand's needs, including an About/Contact page, Main page, and dedicated Ecommerce page. Built on a pre-established web host, you'll have full control and ownership of your website

Website Maintenance Training - 
Comprehensive training session empowers you to maintain and update your website independently, eliminating the future need for a graphics person.

SEO Optimization - 
Implement SEO meta descriptions and keywords to enhance your website's visibility to ensure it ranks well on search engine results.

Image Formatting - 
Optimize images for the web to improve site performance and user experience.

Weekly Zoom Consultations - 
Regular one-on-one consultations via zoom to address questions, receive feedback, alter changes and track progress.

Your choice of platform -

Advance your booth business with the 'Next Step Package,' designed to propel entrepreneurs into eCommerce and establish a robust web presence. I offer personalized website creation using Wix or SquareSpace, empowering you to independently manage your online platform in the future. From an About section to eCommerce functionality, we'll tailor your site to showcase your business effectively. Stay connected with regular updates throughout the project, and explore additional add-ons to enhance your online presence. Let's take your business to the next level!

Colorful Business Cards

Square Space Platform

Colorful Business Cards Platform

How does this process look?

  • Initial Consultation (free): We'll kick off with a personalized meeting (in person, via Zoom, or over the phone) to discuss your specific requirements and tailor the package to your needs. Together, we'll outline a plan that aligns with your goals and budget.

  • Contract Review and Account Setup: In our follow-up meeting, we'll review the contract, finalize details, and ensure everything meets your expectations. Once agreed upon, I'll assist you in setting up an account on the chosen platform, providing step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

  • Plan and Domain Payment: Choose the plan that best suits your business needs directly on the platform's site. Additionally, secure a customized domain name to establish your unique online presence. Upon completion, I'll seamlessly integrate the domain and initiate the creation process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new digital platform.

What will I need from you?

  • Transfer of images and documents: Please provide any necessary images and documents relevant to your business, including logos, branding materials, and any other assets you'd like to feature on your website.

  • Logo & Branding Colors: If you haven't already established a logo or branding colors, feel free to explore my service page for assistance in creating these essential elements.

  • Product Images: Supply all product images along with any additional business- related visuals you'd like to incorporate into your website design.

  • Descriptions: Furnish detailed descriptions for your products, as well as brief summaries for your business and bios.  These descriptions will help create engaging content for your website.

  • Product Information: Include essential product details such as SKU numbers, weights, shipping dimensions, and any other pertinent information necessary for accurate representation on your website.

"How can I track the progress?"

Rest assured, I've streamlined the process to keep you informed every step of the way.  You will have access to an excel file in our shared Google Drive folder, detailing progress updates as I complete each state of your website.  Additionally, we'll schedule weekly one-hour Zoom calls for direct communication, feedback exchange, and addressing any needs or concerns promptly.  Open Communication is paramount in delivering the website of your dreams, minimizing the need for major reworks and ensuring a seamless project experience.

"I don't need an eCommerce site, do I need a website?"

Absolutely! Not every business requires an eCommerce platform.  If you already have a thriving presence on platforms like Etsy or other channels, we can seamlessly integrate those links into your website.  A website serves as your digital storefront, providing information about your business, upcoming events and showcasing your products or services.  Even without eCommerce functionality, having essential pages such as: "about" "show schedule" and other business details is cruicial for fostering customer trust and expanding your reach.  All prices will be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

"What if I already have a domain name?"

We can transfer the domain name to the platform of your choice, there may be fees involved based on the TOS of the platforms involved. 

"Will my site be optimized for mobile viewing?"


"How long will it take to complete my website?"

Each website project varies in duration based on its unique complexity.  To ensure transparency, I maintain an Excel Spreadsheet detailing the progress of your website, allowing you to track every step of the process.

"What if I experience technical issues after the website is completed?"

After the completion of your project, I remain available via email to address any technical issues you may encounter.  If you require additional assistance or prefer a more hands-on approach, I offer Zoom or in-person meetings for a nominal fee.

"What happens when the project is completed?"

Upon project completion, we'll schedule a comprehensive meeting (via zoom or in-person) where I'll guide you through managing your website and uploading future products.  At this point, you can change the website in the future as you wish.  This session will last at least an hour, ensuring all your questions are answered thoroughly.  I'll provide all edited photos in the Google Drive folder for your future use.  Additionally, I'll recommend changing the site password to grant sole access and ownership.  With this, your fully functional website is ready to amplify your business, showcase your products, and connect with a broader audience.

"What forms of payment do you accept?"

We offer flexible payment options to suit your needs:

  • Full payment upfront

  • Split payment: 50% at the start, 50% upon completion

  • Payment installments via PayPal

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal Invoice

  • Venmo Invoice

  • Square Invoice

"Are there any hidden costs or fees I should be aware of?"

After the completion and payment of your project, there are no additional fees unless you opt for personal technical support.  Additional charges may arise from the website platform such as: transaction fees, domain name renewal, and web hosting fees.  These will be outlined in the platform's Terms of Service.

Have more questions? Connect with me here.

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